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      Hello Captains!
      We are back with Let’s CQ #59.

      On Let’s CQ #59, we will be sharing the development direction of 2023, and other development news, so please don’t forget to check it out!

      Let’s CQ #59 PDF URL

      The GIF file that we were planning to show on broadcast can be checked in the URL below.

      Update related image URL
      *In case the GIF cannot be seen, please download the file and put in on slideshow mode.

      1 [Costume Selection Coupon] has been sent to your mail as a reward for ‘Let’s CQ #59’, so please don’t forget to claim it!

      ■ Reward Period
      29 Dec, 2022 ~ 08:00 5 Jan, 2023 (UTC+9)

      We wish all our captains the best in 2023.
      We kindly ask our captains for the love and support towards Crusaders Quest!

      Thank you.

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