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      Hello, this is Crusader Quest.

      Permanent bans has been issued against users using illegal programs/modifications in the game.

      ▶️ Penalty Criteria: Macro users in-game
      ▶️ Penalty Date: 14:27 23 Feb, 2023 UTC+9
      ▶️ Penalty Details: Permanent Ban
      ▶️ Number of banned users: 94
      – List of banned users

      兴欣******* 桃气******* 屿崎******* 满船*******压星河
      Bl*******fuseYo AI*******AN 喵内*******第一 忍一*******越气
      懐珠******* yo*******bt sh*******in 卡哇*******
      疯狂*******还是整个世界 帕尼******* 當晚*******大海 林汐*******爱了
      星之*******的神 则林******* 等风*******blbo 小飞*******
      叫我******* 琪腻******* 攗Q*******犴 钟离*******
      汇付******* 燦爛*******神鬼怪 啥玩******* 立花*******
      至雪******* Bi*******gsiu 凜冴******* 念巧*******1
      李安******* 霖瑛*******5 殷殷*******人 猜谜*******byck
      最美*******雨天 是策******* 提力******* 雨冴*******
      风花******* di*******ndiin C鈞******* 摸鱼*******
      汤姆******* 歹夕******* 金童******* 莴笋*******
      廾x******* 等风*******bkcq 刺猬******* 欧皇*******
      CM******* 溹Q******* 破暮******* 御坂*******63
      So*******e 去去******* 耳朵******* 御坂*******6
      Zo*******g we*******wd 傲菡******* 英勇*******旦
      东皇******* 纱纱******* Ap*******gizeman 重生*******之我给塞拉打胶
      闲云******* 王欢******* 倦容*******2 Do*******uo9
      mu*******i Mo*******ん 天璇******* So*******nk
      ox*******581 Xu******* 爆射******* QQ*******
      无敌******* 天衍*******人遁其一 八十*******抗压 碎碎*******34
      战舰******* 久美******* Ka*******u666 耗本*******
      彩绫******* 資料******* 家乡******* 满楼*******
      椿姬******* An*******sh

      * Please note that some banned user names will be marked with ‘*’ and partially modified for the protection of personal information.

      This ban is a penalty against the Captains with confirmed records of macro use.
      We will continue to monitor and investigate the game data to check for abnormal behavior in the game and enforce penalties.
      Particularly for users who have shown abnormal behaviors,
      we will not provide any advance notice or stages of restriction and immediately issue a permanent ban.

      For everyone to have a fair playing experience and to enjoy the game on equal terms,
      We will do our utmost best to assure reliable Hasla life.

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