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      [8th Anniversary Fan Art Event]

      Hello Captains!

      The reward for the 8th Anniversary Event has been sent! 

      Reward Collection Period: Until 23:59 31 Jan, 2023 (UTC+9)

      [8th Anniversary Fan Art Event]

      Hello Captain!

      We would firstly like to thank all of the captains who have participated the ‘8th Anniversary Fan Art Event’!

      The Crusaders Quest team were amazed how talented our captains are!

      Among all the fantastic fanarts that have been submitted,
      we have selected some of the artworks that we would like to share with you all.

      Rewards will be sent to our captains whose fanarts have been selected according to the schedule below.

      – Reward date: 30 December after 12:00 (UTC+9/Subject to change)
      – Reward details
      > Masterpeice : 700 Jewels
      > Selected Fanarts for the Fanbook: 50 Jewels

      The listed below are the captains’ nicknames whose fanbooks were selected:
      (You can use Ctrl+F to find your nickname within this page)

      [List of Captains]


      • Kandie*

      Selected Fanarts for the Fanbook


      The selected fanarts can be found in the 8th Anniversary Fanbook as well!

      8th Anniversary Fanbook PDF URL

      We will try our best to repay our captains for the love and support towards Crusaders Quest.

      Thank you!

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