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      ■The 8th anniversary event ‘Mad Pantheon’ has begun.
      – The ‘Mad Pantheon’ event can be enjoyed equally by all users for 2 weeks. (12/08 After Update ~ 12/22 08:00 (UTC+9))
      – You can use ‘Pantheon Coins’ which are obtained by clearing stages, to buy various items such as ‘All Hasla Hero Selection Ticket’ or ‘Two-dimensional Potential’


      – The Mad Pantheon last for a total of 14 days, and the reward period lasts for 7 days after the end of the event. During the reward period, you can only use the store and get your reward.
      – The Mad Pantheon has two modes, namely [Normal Mode] and [Challenge Mode]. You can acquire more rewards in the Challenge Mode.
      > Normal Mode: This mode lasts from the initial entrance until clearing the first 20 stages. With every stage cleared, you can select a buff for the ally.
      > Challenge Mode: This mode automatically starts after clearing the first 20 stages. You can select a buff/debuff for the ally every time you clear a stage.
      – Your party gets fixed once you enter Stage 1 of the Mad Pantheon, and the party cannot be changed until reset.
      – You can only use randomly designated warriors when setting up your team. Certain warriors will be unlocked after a certain amount of time (days).
      – You can preview the skill tooltips by touching and holding the warrior during the warrior selection.
      – Any heroes who die in a battle stage battle cannot be used in the following stage. However, you may use ‘Pantheon Coins’ to revive dead heroes.
      – You can obtain ‘Pantheon Coins’ and ‘Pantheon Points’ every time you clear each stage. ‘Pantheon Coins’ can be used to revive dead heroes, ‘Pantheon Points’ can be used to raise levels of each class.
      – In the Mad Pantheon, the levels of heroes are displayed in a Roguelike level. Each level offers 60LV, Max Bread, and Max Fruits stats. Upon raising the level of a class, the stats of the corresponding heroes increase by a certain amount. These levels are only applicable in the Mad Pantheon.
      – The Mad Pantheon consists of 20 stages, which are repeated afterwards. The stage is reset to Floor 1 if your party is wiped out during a stage, you clicked the ‘Start Again’ button in the lobby, or when you clear 20 stages. When the stage is reset, all the buffs/debuffs acquired so far and your fixed party will also be reset.”
      – The event store is available until 12/29 09:00 (UTC+9)


      ■ 4 Event skins has been added to the skin shop.
      – Otis of the Escopetarra
      – Heim and Friends of the Tundra
      – Ultimate Captain
      – Holidays Part-Time Working Uziment


      ■ New chat stickers have been added.
      – Stickers of ‘Bihwa’, ‘Pumpqueen’, ‘Charlotte’ which were shown during Let’s CQ have been added.


      ■ Happy 8th anniversary! 1+1 package can be purchased for 2 weeks (12/8~12/22 08:00 UTC+9)


      ■ We are always working hard to make Hasla better!
      – Winter background has been applied to [town].
      – Illustrations of Athena, Hera, Achillles has been improved.
      – Issue where the [Total War] achievements were not properly working on Dimensional Records has been fixed.
      – There currently is an issue that in the lobby of ‘Mad Pantheon’ some of the warriors’ weapons appearance is abnormal, and an issue where the rain sound is occasionally maintained when going back to [town] after playing ‘Mad Pantheon’.We will be fixing these issues in the next update. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
      *Please note that in future announcements, we will be informing you based on a different timezone (PT –> UTC+9)

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