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      Hello, this is the Crusaders Quest team.

      We have recently received numerous inquiries from Captains regarding our Recovery Policy.
      After carefully reviewing the relevant policies, we have come up with the following conclusions.

      As indicated in the terms of service, lost items such as heroes and Soulbound Weapons are not eligible for recovery.
      However, out of consideration for the Captains, as a one-time courtesy, we offer an assistance with the Recovery Service.

      Since we are planning to maintain and continue with this policy, we have decided to implement an expansion of the maximum recovery period into the system to ensure reliable gameplay.

      Please refer to the details below for information on how to use the 1 Time Recovery Service.

      [1 Time Recovery Service Policy Notice]
      – Common Criteria
      1) The 1 Time Recovery Service is available only once per account, for all types of recovery.
      (However, the recovery of unreceived purchased currency is provided separately as a 1 time courtesy and is excluded from the common 1 time criteria.
      2) When recovering heroes and Soulbound Weapons, they can only be given at their initial state of ★4, Level 1.

      1. Sale and Salvage Recovery of Limited Heroes and Soulbound Weapons
      1) Requests must be submitted within 14 days of occurrence (loss).
      2) Recovery of heroes and weapons are available only for limited items.
      3) Recovery is not possible for heroes and weapons that have been used to obtain currency.
      4) Recovery of the currency that has been used for Champion Unlock/Support, Weapon Sigil Slot Unlock, salvage and experience (points) is not available.

      2. Recovery of Unreceived Items and Lost Limited Weapons in Mail
      1) Requests must be submitted within 7 days of occurrence (loss).

      2) Recovery is available only for Limited and Collaboration Heroes’ Soulbound Weapons and purchased items in the Mail.
      3) The following items are excluded from recovery:
      – All free rewards obtained through events (However, rewards obtained through paid event passes are eligible for recovery).
      – All rewards obtained through coupon use.
      – Attendance rewards.
      – Items sent to Mail due to exceeding maximum storage capacity.

      ※ This policy will be effective from 26 Apr, 2023.
      – Example: Request for recovery of lost items due to loss/mistake that occurred after 4/12 (Wed)
      – The Recovery Policy allows us to recover items that were lost on or before 4/12 (Wed). If you lost an item after that date, please submit a recovery request and we can proceed with the recovery.
      ※ If the recovered item has expired, it is not possible for us to provide additional assistance. Therefore, please check your Mail and collect the item within the given period.
      ※ Recovery for item loss caused by reasons not attributable to user error (such as system errors) will be carried out separately from the one-time recovery policy.

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