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      The correction and measures regarding the ‘3000th Day Anniversary Package’ has been completed.

      We sincerely apologize for any concerns caused by the error.
      Please refer to the details of the measures below.

      ■ Notice regarding measures on the ‘3000th Day Anniversary Package’ Issue
      ▶ Period: 09:00 23 Feb, 2023 ~ UTC+9
      ▶ Details:
      1. 3000th Day Anniversary Package1
      – The distribution of the missing ‘★4 Hero Contract’ has been completed. (Mail)

      2. 3000th Day Anniversary Package 2
      – There was an error in the distribution of items. Instead of the original item, ‘★4 Hero Selection Ticket’, ‘★4 Hero Contract’ was distributed. To the Captains who purchased the package before the error was fixed, the distribution of ‘★4 Hero Selection Ticket’ has been completed. (Mail)
      * Considering the fairness to existing buyers, we plan to provide an additional ‘★4 Hero Contract’ to Captains who purchased the package during the sales period, after the sales period ends. We will inform you of the distribution through a separate notice.

      3. 3000th Day Anniversary Package 3
      – The distribution of the missing ‘4 Hero Selection Ticket x1’ has been completed. (Mail)

      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
      We will do our very best to provide much more satisfying service.

      Hello, this is the Crusaders Quest Team.

      We have confirmed that some of the items in the ‘3000 Day Anniversary Package’ have been incorrectly distributed,
      and we would like to inform you that the package sale has been temporarily suspended for error correction.

      We are currently examining the issue and trying our best to ensure a better gameplay.

      Regarding the incorrectly distributed purchased items, we will investigate and take appropriate actions after checking the data.
      Once the error correction and measures have been completed, we will inform you again through this notice.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in your gameplay.
      We will make every effort to provide stable and reliable service.

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