Crusaders Quest Official Homepage 게시판 Notice 2023/4/20 Known Issues (Updated)

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      Hello, this is Crusaders Quest team.

      The following are the known issues and fixes made after the update.

      [Known Issues and Fixes Notice]
      – Issue where information about the normal hero appearing on the stage in Season 2 EP6 was not being displayed has been fixed.
      – Issue where the drop rate in some stages of Season 2 EP6 was abnormally high has been fixed.

      – Issue where there was a line break problem in the Season 2 EP6 dialogue text has been fixed.
      – Issue where the returning Captain Selection Contract event pop-up and the Hero Exhibition pop-up appeared abnormally when exceeding the 16:9 ratio has been fixe
      – Issue where some Sub-Quests had the wrong speaker has been fixed.
      – The free items in the [Shop] consisting of Ancient Book 3rd and 4th Page have been changed from once a week to once a day. We have fixed the issue where some Captains who purchased the item before the update did not receive it.
      – There is a known issue with purchasing the EP4 Raid Challenge Pack and EP5 Raid Challenge Pack, and are to be fixed.

      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and confusion caused.
      We will do our utmost best to provide a stable service.

      Thank you.

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