Crusaders Quest Official Homepage 게시판 Notice 2023/4/18 iOS Test Version Update Pre-Release Issue Related Notice (Updated)

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      Hello, this is Crusaders Quest team.

      We have identified a issue where iOS 6.21.0 test version was released before the maintenance.
      We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the issue. Please find below the relevant information regarding the issue.

      1. Issue Status
      – Starting 18:46 April 18, an app version scheduled for release on April 20 was pre-released on the App Store.

      – As a result, Captains who have updated or newly installed this version have been unable to play the game.
      – We sincerely apologize for not being able to provide timely notice about the situation that occurred.


      2. Cause of the Issue and Plan for Improvement

      ■ Pre-Released App Version

      – When updating an app, it must go through Apple’s review process. During this process, there is a setting to automatically release the app after the review is complete.
      – Up until now, when updating the app, we confirmed that there were no issues during the maintenance period and then the Market Manager manually released the app.
      – However, this time, the automatic release was processed due to a wrong setting registration.

      → We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by the mistake of the Market Manager during the highly anticipated major update, which included new episodes. To prevent the same issue from occurring again, we will ensure that the setting preventing automatic release of the build when submitting for App Store review is checked by other members besides the Review Manager. We will take screenshots of this option every time we submit for review to ensure that the same mistake does not occur again.

      ■ Game Unplayable

      – To proceed with the game play normally, the app registered in the market, server, server data, and server assets must all be prepared.
      – Since the market review takes 1-5 days, the app development is completed first and then submitted for review.
      – Contents that can only be modified with data and assets are currently being tested and polished. This will continue until just before the actual release.

      – Therefore, when the app is exposed, we cannot immediately perform maintenance and update the server, data, and assets.

      → We have assessed whether we can expedite the maintenance. However, we confirmed that it is difficult to quickly advance testing, data polishing, and translations. We sincerely apologize to those experiencing the problems.

      ■ Late Notice Related

      – When the app is released, a push notification is sent. The operational staff were unable to receive this notification, causing a delay in identifying the problem.
      – We started responding after seeing the inquiries and community channels.
      – Identifying the cause and discussing the improvements took time.

      → The development team will also be granted permission to receive market notifications by our publisher, Hangame. From now on, the operational team will identify and respond to problems more quickly.


      3. Compensation Details

      Since all our users have experienced practical inconvenience, we will provide compensation to the entire server.
      Compensation details are as follows.

      – 1 Week extention for the event 【Raining Accessories from Total War!】
      – 1 Week extention for the event 【The Rabbit Hole】

      * The folllowing compensations will be rewarded and applied after the 20th Apr update.
      – 10,000 Bakery Coins rewarded, +30 Star Rewards and 5 additional sales counts will be applied for the event 【Chocolat’s Doki Doki Bakery】
      – 200,000 Bridget coins rewarded, reduced trade count (from maximum 21 times > maximum 11 times) will be applied in the event 【Hero Town Captain’s Choice Poll (Subtitle : Bridget’s Investment Tournament)】

      – 2,000,000 Golds (Sent to Mail, available within 7 days after the 20 April maintenance)
      – 1x Ancient Books Chest 3 (Sent to Mail, available within 7 days after the 20 April maintenance)
      ※ There is an issue with the ‘Receive All’ button in the ‘Items’ tab of the 【Mail】 where you cannot receive Bakery Coins and Bridget Coins. Please press ‘Receive All’ in the ‘Resources’ tab or receive them individually. We will fix this issue as a precautionary measure. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Once again, we are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.
      By improving the root cause of the problem, we will strive to provide a more stable service and become a reliable <Crusaders Quest>.

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